About Lusidor

Lusidor - a company dedicated to PHPdevelopment, located in Öresund region / Southern Sweden. The company is run by Jimmy Lantz.

ZCE -Zend certified engineer Lusidor was first in Sweden to certify for PHP.
Jimmy Lantz was Swedens first ZCE - Zend Certified Engineer.

Lusidor wrote in a monthly column on PHP in the Swedish computer magazine Datormagazin as their PHP-expert.

Develops solutions using PHP and neighboring techniques.
More information available in Swedish.

About Jimmy Lantz
In short more than thirteen years experience as a Web developer and worked with PHP fulltime for ten years both as a self-employed consultant and as an employee. Works with databases such as MySQL, Postgres and SQLite.
Also very familiar with JavaScript-solutions and CSS. Experienced with ExtJS javacript framwork. Focus being on a practical solution.


Professional support offered for other developers.
A support for those that get stuck in their own development or feels that their deadlines are closing in too fast.

Currently employed fulltime but available for limited consultancy work.

...with a focus on PHP

Jimmy Lantz
Lead developer

0736 - 26 62 27 / info@lusidor.se / Innehar F-skatt
+46 (0)736 26 62 27 / info@lusidor.se / Registerd firm with VAT no.